Speaker to Parents

Speaker Using a Bachelor of Science in Education from Baylor University and a Master of Education in Counseling from Arizona State University, Gwyn speaks to parents about how to inspire independence and good decision making so kids 7th – 12th grades can grow, give, and graduate to SUCCESS. She developed gifted programming in the Tempe Union High School District to quick start students’ acceptances into high profile schools like Stanford, Georgetown, and Harvard. As well, Gwyn developed at-risk programming—changing attitudes and developing skills for perseverance and success.


Over the past 30 years of working in public education, I became increasingly aware of the lack of support for parents.

I have served as a guidance counselor to thousands of students and likewise worked closely with their parents. I have seen families at their very best, and I have seen families at their very worst. I would love to use my experiences to help strengthen you as a parent. The college preparation and selection process is more demanding, rigorous, and stressful than ever before.

In fact, growing up in our technological world is more stressful than ever before. I would love to speak to any women’s group or parent organization/ group to help make this process a bit easier. On this page, I have also placed articles and links that will help you help your kids with the college planning and application process. You can also “Like” My Kids Counselor Facebook page to get college prep tips. Contact me today if I can speak to your organization.

I love and support kids, and therefore I want to help strengthen their parents! I have fun teaching, speaking, and presenting … I am experienced and trained by CLASSeminars, Inc.®


Links to help you in your College Search:

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As we learn about God, we will learn how to love and parent our kids. Contact me today to begin this journey together!