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Counselor Gwyn supports and shows students how to make good decisions – from College Prep, Career Interests, Extracurricular Activities, College Planning to Scholarships. Based on her students’ test scores both in the classroom and on standardized tests, Gwyn has ranked among the top percent of Arizona educators. She’s well experienced in classroom dynamics as she has been in the Arizona school system over 30 years. She cares deeply about kids’ dreams, goals, and skills to further their education beyond a high school diploma.

Counselor_lowerimage I love helping students realize their full God-given potential to achieve success!

As a 33-year-long educator, I have acquired a unique set of skills allowing me to connect the dots between students, promising opportunities, and outcomes.  I have been a high school guidance counselor longer than current students have been alive. In fact, I have enjoyed working face to face with high school kids for over 30 years. I found that kids are the same, no matter where you go. They made me laugh and kept me young. Now I would love to use my experience to help guide and support you online. On this page you will find articles to help you with the whole college thing or just life in general.

I have put the links that you will need when you’re looking for the perfect college for you. On My Kids Counselor Facebook Page, you can ask a question or have a discussion about things that might be on your mind. Jump on in to see your online counselor today!

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