Let’s Work Together to Save our Kids

It’s happened again—another mass shooting at a college. I’m lying on the couch with a broken foot elevated and listening as the news media discusses why this continues to happen. It’s all I can do not to scream at the television. As a recently retired educator, I have watched the mass shooting phenomenon in our country since 1999 when the shooting at Columbine High School shocked the nation and changed school culture around the country. We have a huge, growing problem and it is not simpl...

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Help! What Can My Teen Do This Summer?

“Help!” The cry of parents can be heard across the country as summer approaches. First everyone has to calm down and get a grip. Yes, your kids are out of school for a break, but that doesn’t mean they must be lying around your house watching TV, playing computer games, or using their cell phone’s entire data plan. Actually this fear can be turned into a very good question: “What can my teen do this summer?” The key to this question is the word “can”. There are a l...

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Mar 24

How To Drug Proof Your Kids in Three Not-So Easy Steps

As a high school counselor, there was one day, many years ago, in which everything lined up, fell into place, and worked. This one day clicked exactly like you wish every day could. The day began with the chemistry teacher leaving me a message about a good student who was falling behind. In fact, it was so out of character for the student that the teacher was convinced something big was happening. Based on what other students were saying and the student’s behavior she had observed the teacher ...

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Preventing Suicide, Signs and Symptoms to Watch For and What To Do?

Recently the adult son of a well-known evangelist committed suicide. I know of this family, and let me assure you they are a family of love and support. Likewise, I have a cousin who chose to take his own life, and to this day his absence is a huge void in our family. Marie Osmond has been open and public about the suicide of one of her sons. All of these young men were young adults from healthy, loving families, so know that no family is secure or immune from such tragedy and sorrow. Teens and ...

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Self Injury or “Cutting”

There is a fairly new phenomenon that kids refer to as “cutting”. Cutting is an act of purposefully hurting oneself or self injury. It is not a suicide attempt, but rather an unhealthy response to stress, emotional pain, frustration, or anger. Students tell me that it helps them feel better, like an emotional release. It is usually followed with guilt and shame. The most dangerous thing of cutting is that the person can truly hurt themselves accidentally. Girls are the most often cutters and...

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What Clients are saying about Gwyn Schneck

SPEAKER & COUNSELOR - "Mrs. Schneck is the greatest counselor! She gave me not only guidance but hope during my high school career. This allowed me to attend my dream school. She is a kind women who truly cares about her students." Tori Bahe, Student, Stanford

COUNSELOR - "Mrs. Schneck was nothing short of my guiding light during my time in high school. From day one of my freshman year, there was no one that I felt safer going to with any problem, be it academic, personal, or spiritual. I always knew in the most secure of ways that her arms would be wide open, her ear would be keen, and her heart tender and ready to guide me through my tribulations. This special mentor-student relationship could easily be deemed my single greatest source of success during my time in high school." John Delgado-McCollum, Student, Georgetown

COUNSELOR & TEACHER - “Having worked with Gwyn Schneck as a member of her counseling staff, I’ve seen her demonstrate a perfect balance of cognitive and affective abilities as she interacts with students and adults of diverse backgrounds, ages, life styles and personality types. Gwyn is everything anyone would ever want in a professional counselor and as personal friend to adults and children alike.” Steven C. Mancuso M.Ed.