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The first time Gwyn Schneck introduced herself to a classroom of 16-year-olds, you can imagine that she was nervous. She was only 22 years old herself. She repeatedly practiced in her mind how to explain the pronunciations of her last name “Schneck” to the kids. As she pointed to her lips with “SHHHHH” and her neck with “NECK”, the class laughed. At that moment Gwyn was forever hooked on kids.

Gwyn Schneck spent 13 years teaching high school Family and Consumer Science classes and 20 years as a High School Guidance Counselor within Tempe Union High School District. Gwyn has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Baylor University and a Master of Education in Counseling from Arizona State University. She loved every moment of the thirty three years of public education in the state of Arizona. As a teacher she taught True Colors® personality profile, learning styles, and study skills in all levels and subjects. She proposed and piloted the Tempe Union Child Development/Preschool Program.

As a counselor she developed gifted programming in her school district and helped fabulous students get into schools like Stanford, Georgetown, and Harvard. However, she also developed classes for at-risk students and held the hands of hurting kids as they faced the crises of their lives. She helped families in the worst times of their kid’s lives, such things as: death of a family member, divorce of parents, sexual assault and/or molestation, depression and suicidal thoughts, teen pregnancy, and self mutilation.

Throughout this time she raised two children with her husband of 33 years. She was involved in teaching Bible study in her local church during all these years and for 9 years of her girls teen age years she led out in the local chapter of National Charity League, Inc.®Parenting her own teenagers helped Gwyn walk in the shoes of the families she worked with. With a renewed and clear understanding of the world teens are growing up in, Gwyn became increasingly aware of the lack of support for parents.

As Gwyn reached the retirement point in public education, she knew that the next leg of her journey must be focusing on parents. She continues supporting kids, but also helping strengthen parents through speaking, encouraging families in her writing and helping all of us know God and each other better through group facilitation and teaching.

Gwyn is an experienced, qualified, knowledgeable, and heartfelt counselor, speaker, writer, and teacher; she would love to encourage your family.

Parenting and Speaking Topics Gwyn is fluent in and your audience would love:

  • How to Help Your Kid Seize Life!
  • What are the True Colors, or Personality Traits of your Kid?
  • What are Your True Colors, or Personality Traits?
  • How to Transform Your Kid from an Unfocused Kid to a Focused Kid!
  • How to Prepare Your Kid for College
  • How to Get Your Kid Get into College
  • How to Help Your Kid Pay for College
  • Parenting a Challenging or Challenged Kid?
  • Testing Overload! Testing and Test Prep Made Easy
  • How to Help Your Kid Seize the Right Career
  • How to Help Your Kid Seize a Relationship with God
  • How to Communicate More Effectively with Your Family
  • How to Blend the Different Personality Spectrums of Your Family
  • What Do I Do If My Kid is My Grandkid?
  • Healing after Abuse or Trauma
  • Talking to Our Kids after Trauma
  • Specifically Requested Scripture, Theme, or Topic
As we learn about God, we will learn how to love and parent our kids.
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What Clients are saying about Gwyn Schneck

SPEAKER & COUNSELOR - "Mrs. Schneck is the greatest counselor! She gave me not only guidance but hope during my high school career. This allowed me to attend my dream school. She is a kind women who truly cares about her students." Tori Bahe, Student, Stanford

COUNSELOR - "Mrs. Schneck was nothing short of my guiding light during my time in high school. From day one of my freshman year, there was no one that I felt safer going to with any problem, be it academic, personal, or spiritual. I always knew in the most secure of ways that her arms would be wide open, her ear would be keen, and her heart tender and ready to guide me through my tribulations. This special mentor-student relationship could easily be deemed my single greatest source of success during my time in high school." John Delgado-McCollum, Student, Georgetown

COUNSELOR & TEACHER - “Having worked with Gwyn Schneck as a member of her counseling staff, I’ve seen her demonstrate a perfect balance of cognitive and affective abilities as she interacts with students and adults of diverse backgrounds, ages, life styles and personality types. Gwyn is everything anyone would ever want in a professional counselor and as personal friend to adults and children alike.” Steven C. Mancuso M.Ed.